100% soy or vegetable ink options.
We prefer to work with printers who use 100% soy or vegetable-based (ie, linseed) ink, which is more earth-friendly than petroleum-based or hybrid ink products. Cultivation of soybeans uses only 0.5 percent of the total energy necessary to produce the ink. Soy and vegetable inks also have low levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which helps to reduce air pollution by minimizing toxic emissions. The pigment cartier in soy and vegetable inks degrades faster and more completely than in standard petroleum ink, and can be removed more easily than regular ink from paper in the recycling process.

Recycled and tree-free paper options.
We make sure to work only with those printers who offer impressive recycled and tree-free paper options. We seek always to work with printers as close to your locale as possible, cutting down on shipping and emissions costs.

A broad range of media services.
We offer print design and production sevices for logos, brochures, posters, ads, flyers, booklets, newsletters, and banners. Our web media services include affordable websites and other HTML offerings, such as email newsletters and graphic email blasts. We also offer custom WordPress site design and training, for those wanting to manage their own content. Writing, research, project consulation, photography, simple video editing, and editorial skills complete our repertoir.

Many of our clients are NGOs. We know that this sector is comprised of hardworking individuals who donate much of their own time to the causes they believe in, or who have limited budgets due to the nature of grant-dependent income. That’s why we feel good to offer reduced design rates for nonprofits – $40 hourly rates instead of the industry-standard $70-$100 hourly rate.

Enthusiasm to match your own.
What sustains us through hours of computer work? Knowing that we’re working on cutting-edge, culturally important projects for the common good. This is the real source of our inspired design sense, just as it is the real source of your sucess. We’re happy to be a part of that.