There are a number of basic procedural guidelines and expectations that need to be understood by both parties before moving forward on a project.

General 1. An initial 1/2 hour project consultation will be offered free of charge. All remaining time spent on the project, including email correspondence and phone consults, will be billed at the agreed-upon hourly rate. 2. A down payment is required before work on a project begins. The exact amount of the down payment will be determined on a case-by-case basis. 3. If either party cancels the project at any point, the remainder (if any) of the deposit will be returned, or the outstanding balance beyond this will be billed, at the agreed-upon hourly rate. Receipt of down payment constitutes agreement of these terms by the client. 4. Timelines and price estimates are based on 3 draft stages. If further revision or changes are required beyond these established draft stages, please expect further project costs. 5. Project estimates and price quotes are general estimates only. Please provide leeway in your budget, and know that hourly billing means exactly that: you will be billed for the amount of time spent on your project. A breakdown of hours spent on the project to date will be sent consistently throughout the project, so that you can be aware of real costs as they accumulate. If you need a set price, please submit a request for a bid.

Web Tools Literacy & Training
1. Please understand that the cost to train you to manage your site, your paypal interface, or your google tools is not considered part of the original price estimate in site design. Print Media 1. Cost of additional print media uploads: the client agrees to pay any fees that the printer may charge to upload new digital proofs if these changes did not come up in any of the previous draft stages. 2. EMERGE will not take responsibility for late arrival of printed material due to printer shortcomings or delays in schedule due to client being late in providing content, material, etc. 3. If you are submitting digital images for use in print media, make sure to submit only high-resolution images at a minimum dpi (dot per inch) of 300.

Client Resources
Free Google Tools Google offers many free and useful services, like website tracking and online calendars and surveys. You must have a Google account to use these tools. Go to http://www.google.com/analytics to set up a Google Analytics account for website tracking. Go to http://www.google.com/calendar to create your own online calendar (this can be embedded into your site and managed through google). FTP – File Transfer Protocol It can be very useful to be able to share large files when working on a project (from server to computer or vice versa). An FTP program allows you to do this, or to backup or upload new pages to a remote server, or to a printer. You can download and install FileZilla, a free FTP client, here: http://filezilla-project.org Other tools Paypal is the most easily implemented e-commerce interface: http://www.paypal.com PHPList is a free email blast program that can be useful: http://www.phplist.com