What do nonprofit organizations, small business entrepreneurs, holistic health practitioners, artists and craftspeople have in common?  They’re all working to create a flourishing culture of integrity and beauty. They are cultural creatives.

Sourcepoint Media Arts has been collaborating with cultural creatives for the past six years to help them become more visible and connected, and to have greater impact in all that they do.

Our publicity services can help bring your creative project – large or small – to the next level, including:

> logo design
> e-commerce
> web design
> print media
> copy-editing
> photography

Are You a Cultural Creative?

Cultural Creatives were first described in 1995 by sociologist Paul Ray. They are described as a distinct population segment of competent, inner-directed activists who choose to live a balanced and artful life of spiritual, personal and social growth as well as a lifestyle of health and sustainability. They live this way to insure:

> their personal wellbeing,
> the sustainability of a civil society and the planet, and
> the quality of life for future generations.

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